Nigerian media personality and Big Brother star recently had an interesting interview where he spoke on a number of things from his career to personal life.

The Big Brother star said that his respect for his body stopped him from showing off his penile area during shower hour when he was in the Big Brother house, as he believes that the only person who deserves to see his full nudity is the person he is sleeping with.

“Honestly if I have to do that, it will be the kind of money to put me in a position where I don’t have to lift a finger again.

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There’s something sacred about my nudity. Even at big brother when they showered naked, I never showered naked. I always had my boxers on. If my nudity is brought out to the public, it’ll definitely be against my will or a situation where I was tricked.

As a man, the only thing you can hold sacred is your penis so if everyone sees your penis, there’s no sacred thing you can hold unto. That’s see finish and I’m not comfortable with that even with that $1B. In the future, you’re going to have kids in the future. We have to preserve our sense of decency and conservation. I’m not judgmental, won’t judge anyone but I want to have something that will leave people guessing. The only person that should see my penis is who I’m sleeping with”

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