International Reggae Artist Buju Banton to be released on good behavior an is set to be on his way to Jamaica this year after doing a lot of good things while being incarcerated.

Buju Banton will be getting out of prison a little earlier than previously expected. U.S. authorities have reduced his prison sentence by a mere two months.

While two months may not seems as much to us all, for Buju that is a big deal because that is two months earlier that he will get to be with his family.

Banton, whose real name is Mark Myrie, is currently serving a 10-year sentence in the McRae correctional institution in Atlanta. He is expected to be released in February 2019. With this new development he could be out of prison as early as December 2016.

Last year Buju Banton reached an agreement with the US Attorney Office in Florida where he waived all rights to future appeal in return for them dropping a gun charge.

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Banton was found guilty on three counts of drug trafficking charges in 2011. He was arrested at a warehouse in South Florida in December 2009 in a drug sting operation.
Buju Continued to pursue Behavior that lead to him going for his graduates,

Born with the real name Mark Anthony Myrie on July 15, 1973 and now more popularly known to the masses as Buju Banton was imprisoned on drug charges in 2011 in the Sam GibbonsUS DistrictCourt in Tampa and has been languishing in a federal facility, serving a 10 year sentence.

Buju was arrested at his Tamarac, South Floridahome in 2009 after United Staes authorities accused him of taking part in the purchase and sale of cocaine. He was captured on videotasting cocaine in a government-controlled warehouse in Tampa, Florida.

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Speaking with the Jamaica Observer after his 10-year sentence was handed down in 2011, Banton stated that he was attending classes inside the Pinellas County Jailin Tampa and planned to attain a master’s degree by the time his federal sentence is served. “I am already going to classes. I have passed the acceptance test and I will be studying political science and economics. I hope to get a master’s by the time I am released,”said Myrie. Buju has Graduated from the University of New York on June 7, 2016 and earned his Masters Degree In Music Business Management.

This announcing of this achievement comes days after it also made public that due to good behaviour, the Jamaican reggae superstar may have slashed about three years off his sentence as he was due to be released in 2019 but may see the sun by as early as September this year.

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Sources close to Myrie have been tight-lipped and have refused to comment on the issue.

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