The WWE Universe knew it was only a matter of time
before Triple H returned. That being said, it’s unlikely
that anybody saw this coming, nevermind which of his onetime mentees reaped the benefits of The King of Kings’ return during the Fatal 4-Way WWE Universal Championship Elimination Match.

It wasn’t Big Cass, whose Cinderella story came to an end early on after a Superman Punch from Roman Reigns, kick to the face from Seth Rollins and, finally,
a Frog Splash from Kevin Owens knocked “Don Parmesan” out of the running.

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It seemed, after a while, that Reigns had the bout in hand until Triple H stormed from the timekeeper’s area to throw a wrench in the whole thing. First, he Pedigreed Reigns — no surprise there — and fed him to Rollins. The Architect was all smiles, clearly believing The Game was gift-wrapping the win for his former protégé after Triple H brought a KO’d Owens into the ring to be finished off.

Things quickly took a turn, however, when The Game
laid Rollins out with a Pedigree of his own — big
surprise there, especially to a gobsmacked Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley — and all but handed The Architect’s prone body to Owens on a platter.

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In other words: Seth Freaking Rollins? Out. Kevin Yanick Owens? WWE Universal Champion.

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