It is known that Sasha Banks can beat Charlotte just fine without Dana Brooke at ringside, but it is also known that Charlotte rarely goes anywhere without her muscle at her side. So The Boss’ bout against Brooke on Raw was doubly important, because if Sasha won, Dana would be banned from ringside at SummerSlam and if she lost, Dana would join the fray and the title defense would turn into a Handicap Match.

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Well, pencil Sasha and Charlotte in for a one-on-one, because Dana is outta here, and ironically enough, it’s probably Charlotte’s fault. Dana was in control when she attempted to tee Sasha up for a slap in the face from Charlotte at ringside, only The Boss dodged and Dana caught the strike instead. Once Charlotte was dispatched, The Boss rammed Dana into the ringpost and drove her to the mat with the double-knees.

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