In life, you will find that you have to settle for many things, love should never be one of them. Here are 50 things we all deserve from a relationship:


Unending laughter.



A number one fan.

An ability to inspire and teach one another.

Safety and security.

Late-night conversations.

Mutual respect.

Inside jokes.


Starry nights.

A second family.

Delicious meals.

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Lazy Sundays.

A full-time dance partner.

Long kisses.

New places.



Heartfelt confessions.


Funny stories.

New friends.

Engaging conversation.

Genuine appreciation.

Silly presents.

Little moments.

Intense intimacy.

Glowing eyes.


Moments of pride.

Laughter that inspires tears.

Freedom of choice and support for our decisions.

Quiet comfort.

Free displays of vulnerability.

Warm embraces like no other.

Someone to stand up for you.

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Breakfast in bed.

A loud karaoke partner.

Someone to depend on.

Hilarious competition.

Venting sessions.

Movie marathons.

A doctor, personal trainer and maintenance worker, all in one.

Tickle attacks.

Plenty of snuggles.

Forehead kisses.

Reassuring smiles.


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