According to Okolie, he and members of his gang could
not use the money they made from their operations for
anything tangible as they spent everything on commercial
s*x workers and expensive clothes.
“We spend all our money on prostitutes and nice clothes so
as to pass as big boys in our area.
My friend, Chukwuemeka, lured me into robbery. I saw
him dolling out money to some friends at a beer parlour last
year. We all call him big boy because he could pay as much
as N30, 000 to N50, 000 for drinks at a sitting.
When I went to him to show me the way, he told me what
he was into but said he had never killed anybody. I decided
to join him because of hardship. If not for the harsh
condition, I would not be standing here today.
The first time I went with them, we burgled a tile shop. We
do not steal goods because one will easily be arrested. What
we do is to go for the cash.
Traders usually keep cash in their shops. They have an
inbuilt safe in their shop where they keep money. At the
end of the first operation, three of us got N550, 000 each.
The gang leader got the largest share. Out of my share, I
bought a fairly used car for N200, 000. I bought some new
clothes and kept the rest at Motilado hotel in Isolo.”
“I want the Federal Government to come to the aid of idle
youths by providing us work to do to earn a living just as it
is being done elsewhere in the world. If I can get something
to keep me busy, I won’t go into robbery,” the suspect said

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