Uchena Elumadu, a man who resides in Lagos state has been arrested for raping his 15 year-old daughter on several occasions.
According to a report from the News Agency of Nigeria, Uchena would administer drugs to his daughter, who is in JSS 3, to prevent her from getting pregnant after the act.

“The victim said that her father, on countless occasions wakes her up in the middle of the night to rape her, mostly when her mother is on night duty,” the police said.
“The mother is a casual worker in one of the outfits attached to airport.

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“On the night of Sept. 19, the mother discovered the suspect having intercourse with the victim and raised the alarm and one of their neighbours reported the case to the police,” Ms. Badmos said.

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She said the victim had been admitted at the Police Cottage Hospital, Ikeja Police College, where she is receiving treatment in partnership with Mirabel Centre LASUTH.

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